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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why we chose adoption

We had 2 little boys, at the time ages 2 and 4. I'd always dreamed of having a little girl. I also had rough finishes to my pregnancies with months of pre-term contractions. And lastly, but most importantly... I'd always loved and been intrigued by the idea of adoption. When people talked about it, even when I was younger - and again when I became a mom - the idea just pulled me in. There was something about it.

But it never came into our minds because we conceived quickly.

I still remember where we were when I first brought adoption up to my husband. Sitting in our driveway, watching our boys play. I said to him, "You know how I said I was DONE having kids?" (Our baby #2 was HIGH maintenance.) "Well, I think I've changed my mind. And what do you think about considering adopting?"

He was floored.

My husband confided in me that he always thought adoption was plan B - and since we hadn't needed a plan B, he had never considered it.

We prayed about it for 6 months and talked on and off during that time.

The following January, we applied with our adoption agency. 2 1/2 years later (a bit longer than we had originally thought!), we brought home our daughter.

Along the way, there have been multiple "signs" that we made the right decision. But there were also concerns along the way, when it took so long and tested our patience beyond what we felt we could handle.... had we discerned God's will for our lives incorrectly?

We are so thankful for those around us who lovingly and gently walked along side us during those emotional rollercoasters!

Just because it takes a long time, doesn't mean you aren't meant to be on that road! I learned patience like none other from that experience. And I have to say that not only do I love my daughter - as does my husband and our whole family - for that matter everyone... because pretty much everyone melts around her! - but also, I feel so incredibly priviledged to be a part of this adoption.

Wow. Adoption is just so amazing and I just am so happy to know and fully understand and to be a part of such an amazing miracle.

The same can be said of giving birth to a child.

But they are very uniquely different.

Our daughter is a gem and we can't imagine life without her!

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