Disclaimer: We are not adoption professionals.
We are adoptive parents hoping to help other adoptive parents.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Welcome to the Adoption Help blog. We are hoping that this will be a resource to other adoptive families.

While there seems to be an information overload on the internet about adopting, we still found it hard to determine what help we needed during each of the 3 adoption stages. And although we by no means claim to be experts - we have talked with many adoptive parents and professionals to gather helpful information.

While each adoption journey is different, we are hoping that this blog will turn into a resource for adoptive families, where we can all share information in order to help each other on our individual life journeys.

Check back often. Hopefully this blog will be updated frequently with new resources regarding all areas of adoption. And if you have any links or books to add - or if you'd like to post an entry, please leave a comment!


Jthemilker said...

This is a most excellent idea. You are a wealth of knowledge Amy. Great job!

Our family said...

I can't take any credit - I have had a thousand questions during our adoption journeys. I have asked and asked and researched and researched. I simply thought I would compile all the answers I have received in one place!

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